Why a Diamond Blender?

We believe a Diamond Blender Could be the future way of making drinks easier and on the Go

Blenders Collection.

  • How does it work?

    Comes with a Wireless charger, And a seal for the bottom, Double click on the bottom For it to blend, and click once for it to stop. Up to 14 blends in one charge.

  • Colors

    Choose any available colors of your choice. Comes in Black, Pink,White, and Yellow!

  • Shipping

    Shipping can take anywhere from 5-28 days depending on what country you are in.

  • Isela V

    I like this product a lot because i can blend my iced coffee without having to use an extra blender and then pour it into my cup. I just add my ingredients and go on with my day!

  • Alexis G.

    One of the most unnecessary but necessary products i’ve ever bought, I use it for the gym to blend my protein shakes and Pre workouts.

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